Aviation Medical (June 30, 2009)

As you probably know all pilots need to meet certain medical criteria, so before I can get my license or go solo I have to prove I can meet those criteria. They’re not difficult for general aviation, trickier for commercial pilots.

So June 30th I had my Aviation Medical done here in Toronto. It was a simple half hour appointment where they take height, weight, a medical history and the usual please deposit in this cup test. All in all a simple procedure.

I had the Class III medical done, which is what is needed for a private pilot. I spoke to the doctor about the Class I medical, and he told me that since I didn’t want to do this for a living he’d check me over and let me know if I would pass that at the same time, but without the fees and greater difficulty of maintaining a Class I. So he did most of the other checks except for the ECG that is required for the Class I. Apparently I’d be fine.

So a couple of weeks later I got my medical certificate through the post. Felt strange looking at it as this was the first piece of paper I had on my goal to getting my license. Then I notice the name, Benjaman. Not how you spell my name, Benjamin. Then I notice the date of birth; the year is wrong.

So next day, I speak with the nice people in licensing at Transport Canada and end up faxing a copy of the certificate along with ID through to them. Amazingly only three days later I get my corrected replacement certificate through the post. Who says Canadian bureaucracy is slow.

Cost: $125.

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One Response to “Aviation Medical (June 30, 2009)”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m at exactly the point you were at a year ago with my upcoming aviation medical. Glad you passed. How’s it all going? I start my training next March …

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