Flying high (24 May, 2009)

24th May 2009, another flying lesson. Started off fine, we did the walkaround, got the plane ready, and went off to the apron near Charlie intersection to do our runup checks.

When we finished them we had to hold for a Porter flight to pass us and take off first. As they where passing they stopped in front of us. Next thing we hear on the radio “Ground this is Porter XXX, can you pass a message to GFND, their front wheel is looking a little spongy.” “GFND this is City Ground, did you copy the Porter transmission.” “City Ground, GFND, yes we copied. We’ll head back and get it checked out.”

So taxi back to the apron and shut down. Get out, yes the front wheel is looking a little flatter than it should. May have been fine, but can’t take the chance. However the problem existed because I didn’t check the front wheel on the walkaround. This is why they are important, with the flatter tire it could have caused a problem both on the takeoff run and the landing. So, lesson learned, always check the front wheel. Yes I made a mistake, I missed a check, however having made that mistake ensures I’ll never make it again.

So get the Porter FBO ramp boys out, they inflate the tire and check the others for good measure. Get back in, recheck everything, another runup check then to runway 26 for takeoff.

Good takeoff, fine flight, out to the practice area and practice steeper turns, climbs and descents. Still very much gentle learning as I’m getting used to the responsiveness of the plane. Come back, and a fully assisted landing from the instructor.

Costs: Airplane rental, 1.3 hours (they took 0.2 hours off due to the wheel incident), cost of $198.41. Instructor time, 1.7 hours (including ground briefing), $102. Total cost including GST, $315.43. Accumulated 1.5 hours (longest lesson to date.)

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