Not the most interesting topic, but one of the items I purchased was a dedicated pair of aviation sunglasses. Why a dedicated pair? Why won’t regular sunglasses do the job. Well regular ones can do the job, however most standard sunglasses are polarised lenses. The problem with polarised lenses is that when two polarised surfaces interact with each other, they can block out all light. This means the way the perspex canopy of the plane is curved you can get the streaking blocking effect which limits your vision. It can also block out the polarised instrument gauges, which isn’t a good idea.

In addition polarised lenses work by blocking horizontal light. This means that the light reflecting from the wings of another airplane may be diminished, making them harder to spot while flying. And since we’re learning to fly under Visual Flight Rules, it’s a good idea to be able to see other planes as quickly and easily as possible.

So, a pair of aviation sunglasses. I ended up picking a pair of grey lens (no colour distortion) Randolph Engineering Concorde glasses.

Not a big topic I grant you, but the reason I’m including it is I said I’d tell you of all the costs in this whole learning to fly experience, and these where an additional cost.

Cost: $119.95 plus taxes. Total $135.55.

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