Learning to Fly

For many years I’ve wanted to learn to fly. To soar above it all in a plane, free to go where I want. Of course as you get older you realise that not all your dreams can come true, however flying was always one I held onto.

Those who know me know that I originally hail from the UK, but now live in Canada. Now in the UK flying is expensive. Yes I know it’s expensive in Canada too, but in the UK it’s EXPENSIVE. Up to three times the cost it is over here. I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to move to Canada and was going to be moving to Canada, so the thought struck me that maybe I should hold off learning to fly until I got to Canada. Move it from EXPENSIVE to just expensive.

So basically that’s what I did. I put the dream of flying on hold for years, while pursuing the dream of emigrating to the new world.

And now I’m here.

So where does this blog come in? Well there are many people out there that want to learn to fly or at least have an interest in it, but really don’t know a lot about the process, costs and the like. So the purpose of this is to chronicle my journey through student pilotship, and make it clear what everything is every step of the way.

Now I’ve been doing this for a few months now, so I’ll have to go back in time and start off at the beginning for it all to make sense. Now, looking back (even though I’ve only got 11.2 hours at time of writing), I’ve learnt a lot so maybe I can impart a bit more knowledge into it.

This isn’t a “How to learn to fly” guide, it’s simply my experiences, but along the way I aim to hold nothing from you. I’ll give you exactly all the costs, problems, trials and tribulations. The highs, the lows and the downright scary.

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